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Country Hammer Moonshine

Let's get Hammered!

We are a limited distillery that specializes in flavored moonshine.  We have 50 flavors and offer free tastings along with retail sales, moonshine drinks, local wines and beers.

To all our friends new and old...

We have decided to close our Ruffs Dale location

as of Sunday, October 22, 2023. 

This was a dream of mine, but it just wasn't the right time.  I can't thank everyone enough because I started this business in 2016 basically out of my garage and I can't believe how far I've come.

We will continue normal operations at our retail stores and events, and will continue to grow.


Once again thank you!


Tim Baureis


Country Hammer Moonshine

Text "moonshine" to 855-577-8577

for updates and special offers!

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