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Did you know when your brother-in-law makes his apple pie moonshine and it freezes that means it's under 20 proof? An IPA beer these days is product rated at 8 proof and a regular domestic beer is 4% alcohol by volume.


Did you know when you get clear corn, rye or wheat moonshine and it's heavy with bubbles that it means it's low in proof?  Our moonshine is 150 proof before it is expertly blended to produce your favorite flavor.  So, if your brother-in-law makes his own or buys 100 proof vodka at the liquor store it is not possible for his moonshine to ever be more than 100 proof.  When he puts about a quarter of that in a bottle and adds flavoring it then becomes only 25 proof. 


Did you know that the higher the proof of the moonshine, before adding flavoring, that less bubbles and a lighter weight is good?  Water is heavier than alcohol, therefore moonshine with too much water produces a bubbly, heavy and lower grade product.


Did you know the higher the proof of the clear the less you will taste the corn, wheat or rye?  So if it has heavy, sweet corn taste it's probably 80 proof at best.

Did you know that our state taxes any product put into the state store at a mandatory 44% cost to the distillery? That doesn't include the 6% sales tax, 1% county tax or the taxes on the grain which is 225%!


Did you know if the proof of a clear moonshine is high it will burn blue with a tad of orange on the top? That's because it's extinguishing the oxygen in the air.

If it's low in proof it wont burn blue or hardly at all.


Country Hammer Moonshine offers a top quality product, with an unmatched variety of flavors.   Best of all we make it convenient and it's totally LEGAL!

Our clear has very few bubbles, is low on water content and won't freeze, even after we blend in the flavors.   It will always burn blue, has a smooth taste with very little burn and minimal corn taste.

Any of the facts mentioned above can be verified with a Google search.

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